Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

В стадии руссификации

logout:  Выйти из аккаунта
unregister:  Удалить аккаунт
authme: General command for Ops to control AuthMe!

fly: fly — Полет…
afk: Marks you as away-from-keyboard.
antioch: A little surprise for operators
back: Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp
backup: Runs the backup if configured
balance: States the current balance of a player.
balancetop: Gets the top x balance values. (max. 10)
ban: Bans a player. — Забанить
banip: Bans an IP address. — Забанить по IP

broadcast: broadcasts a massage to the entire server.
bigtree: Spawn a big tree where you are looking.
burn: Set a player on fire.
clearinventory: Clear all items in you inventory.
compass: Describes your current bearing.
delhome: Removes a home. — Удалить ваше место спавна. Например если вы поспали у кровати
deljail: Removes a jail.
delwarp: Deletes the specified warp. — Удалить точку телепорта
depth: States current depth relative to sea level.

eco: Manages the server economy.
essentials: Reloads essentials.
ext: Extinguish players.
fireball: Thorow a fireball
getpos: Get your current coordinates.
gc: Reports garbage collection info; useful to developers.
give: Enables you or the given player.
heal: heals toy or given player. — Вылечить

help: Views a list of available commands. — Показывает доступные команды
helpop: Request help from online operators. — Показывает админов онлайн
home: Teleport to your home. — Телепортировать на вашу точку спавна
ignore: Ignore other players. — игнорировать игрока
info: Shows information set by the server owers.
invsee: See the inventory of other players.
item: Spawn an items. — спавнить предмет. ID или имя предмета.
jails: List all jails.
jump: Jumps to the nearest block in the line of sight. — Телепортироваться в направленную точку

kick: Kicks a specified player with a reason. — Выкинуть игрока из сервера, можно указать причину, /kick игрок причина
kickall: Kicks all players off the server except the issuer. — Выкинуть всех с сервера
kit: Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits.
kill: Kills specified player. — Убить игрока
list: List all online players. — Жмем Tab и не паримся
lightning: The power of Thor. Strike at cursor or player — Ударить молнией в направленную точку
mail: Manages inter-player, intra-server mail.
me: Describes an action in the context of the player.
motd: motd: views the Massage Of the day.

msg: Sends a private massage to the specified player.
mute: Mutes or unmutes a player.
nick: Change your nickname or that of another player. — Изменить свой ник
nuke: May death rain upon them.
pay: Pays another player from your balance
ping: Ping! — Вроде, показывает ваш пинг
powertool: Assigns a command to the item in hand, 9player0 will be replased by the name of the player that you click.
powertooltoggle: Enables or disables all current powertools
ptime: Adjust player's client time. Add @ prefix to fix.

realname: Displays the username of a user based on nickname.
reloadall: reloads all plugins.
repair: Repairs the durability of all or one item.
rules: Views the server rules. — Показать правила сервера
seen: Shows the last logout time of a player
sell: Sells the item currently in your hand.
sethome: Set your home yo your current location. — Назначить для себя спавн
setjail: Creates a jail where you specified named [jailname]

setwarp: Creates a new warp. — Сделать точку телепорта
setworth: Set the sell value of an item.
socialspy: Toggles if you can see msg/mail commands in chat.
spawner: Change the mob type of a spawner
spawnmob: Spawn a mob. — Спавнить мобов (ID или имя)
suicide: Causes you to perish.
tempban: Temporary ban a user. — Временно забанить пользователя
thunder: Enable/disable thunder.
time: Change the world time. Defauts to ourrent world. — Изменить игровое время

togglejail: Prevents a player from interacting with the world and teleports him/her to the jail specified
top: Teleport to the highest block at your current position.
tp: Teleport to a player. — Телепортировать игрока1 к игроку2
tpa: Requests all players online to teleport to you. — Телепортировать всех к Вам
tpaccept: Accepts a teleport request.
tpahere: Request that the specified player teleport to you.
tpall: Teleport all online players to another player. — Телепортировать всех к Вам
tpdeny: Reject a teleport request.

tphere: Teleport a player to you. — Телепортировать к вам игрока
tpo: Teleport override for tptoggle.
tppos: Teleport to coordinats.
tptoggle: Blocks all froms to teleportation.
tree: Spawn a tree where you are looking. — Вырастить дерево, в направленной точке
unban: Unbans the specified player — Убрать бан
unbanip: Unbans the specified IP address
unlimited: Allows the unlimited placing of items.

warp: List all warps or warp to the specified location. — Показать все точки телепорта (названия)
weather: Setting the weather. — Можно выбрать погоду, например если идет дождь, и написать /weather sunny , то будет солнечная погода
whois: Determine the username behind a nickname.
world: Switch between worlds.
worth: Calculates the worth items in hand or as specified.
manuadd: Move a player to desired group. (Adds to the file if not exists)
manudel: Remove any user specific configuration. Make him default group.
manuaddsub: Add a group to a player's subgroup list.
manudelsub: Remove a group to a player's subgroup list.

manuaddp: Add premissions diretly to the player.
manudelp: Removes permissions diretly from the player.
manulistp: List all permissionss from a player.
manucheckp: Verfy if user has a permissions, and where it comes from.
mangaddp: Add permissions to group.
mangdelp: Removes permissions from a group.
manglistp: Lists all permissionss from a group.

mancheckp: Check if group has a permissions, and where it comes from
mangaddi: Add a group to another group inheritance list.
mangdeli: Remove a group from another group inheritance list.
manuaddv: Add, or replaces, a variable to a user (like prefix or suffix).
manulistv: List variables a user has (like prefix or suffix).
manucheckv: Verify a value of a variable of user, and where it comes from.
mangaddv: Add, or replaces, a variable to a group (like prefix or suffix).
mangdelv: Remove a variable from a group.

mangistv: List variables a group has (like prefix or suffix).
mangcheckv: Verify a value of a variable of group, and where it comes from.
manwhois: Tell the group that user belongs.
tempadd: Creates a temporary permissions copy for that user
tempdel: Remove the temporary permissions copy for player.
templist: List player in overload-permissionss mode made by / tempadd.
tempdelall: Remove all overrides made by command/tempadd.
mansave: Save all permissionss on file.
mansave: Save all permissionss on file.
manload: Reload current world and config.uml. Or load given world.

listgroups: List the groups available.
manpromote: Promote a player in the same heritage line to a higher rank.
mandemote: Demote a player in the same heritage line to a lower rank.
mantogglevalidate: Toggle on/off the validating if player is online.
mantogglelesave: Toggle on/off the autosave.
manworld: Prints the selected world name
manselect: Select world selection. Next commands will work on your world.
setspawn: Set the spawnpoint to you current position.

spawn: Teleported to the spawnpoint. — Телепортироватся на родной спавн
setxmpp: set your xmpp address
xmpp: send a massage to a player
xmppspy: toggle xmpp spy for all massages
fbBlock: FalseBookBlock related commands.
farea: Save selected area.
fareaToggle: Toggle the state.
fareaAllow: Adds/Removes a blocktype to the toggleable blocks.
fareaListAllow: List all toggleable blocks of an area

listfarea: List all areas.
delfarea: Delete Area.
fbcart: FalseBlookCard related commands.
fbst: set player station
a: Sends a massage to all players.
all: Sends a massage to all players.
ch: GroupChat related commands.
fullchest: Spawn a chest full of uh.. anything!

godmode: Режим бога
jesus: You feel like you can walk on water… Maybe even lava!
die: I wonder what this does! 
slay: Slay your enemies with just the press of a few keys!
maim: Beat those disobediant players within an ich of their lives!
inferno: Burn the ground behind you with the power of your fiery rage!
superjump: Gain the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound!
godmoneon: Enable godmode (Temporary fix for conflict with Essentials).

zeus: Молния в направленной точке
gaia: Beautify the earth with every step you take.
godpowers: Displays avaliable commands.
vulcan: Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!
myballsareonfire: See vulcan.
demigod: Requces damage by an adjustable rate.
hades: Corrupts the world beneath your feet.
road: Make roads.

bridge: Make bridges.
tunnel: Make tunnels.
level: Returns information about a player's experience and levels.
lvl: Returns information about a player's experience and levels.
ambush: Spawns the given mob behind the player.
pathbuilder: Allows player to create a path as they walk.
addlitesniper: Needs a description.
paint: Needs a description.

removesniper: Needs a description.
goto: Warps to the specified coordinates.
u: undoes the last snipe.
uu: UndoUser undoes another sniper user's snipes.
uuu: Ultimate Undo User.
d: VoxelSniper Default.
p: VoxelSniper performer.
vs: VoxelSniper Settings.
vc: VoxelCentroid.
vh: VoxelHeight.
vi: VoxelInk (Data Value.
vr: VoxelReplace.
vir: VoxelInkReplace.
v: Voxel input.
b: Brush.
bms: Save brush preset.
bml: Load brush preset.
vupdate:  Update the chunk you are staniding in.

chunkinfo: Get information about the chunk that you are inside
listchunks: List chunks that your selection includes
delchunks: Delete hunks that your selection includes
/load: Load a schematic into your clipboard
/save: Save a schematic into your clipboard
/copy: Copy the selection to the clipboard — Копировать выделенный участок
/flip: Flip the contents of the clipboard
/cut: Cut the selection to the clipboard

/paste: Paste the clipboard's contents — Вставить выделенный участок
clearclipboard: Clear your clipboard
/limit: Modify block change limit
we: WorldEdit commands
toggleplace: null
searchitem: Search for an item
/hoyl: Generate a holow cylinder
/cyl: Generate a cylinder
/hsphere: Generate a hollow sphere — Точно не помню, но вроде создает сферу  /hsphere размер блок

/sphere: Generate a filled sphere
forestgen: Generate a forest
pumpkins: Generate pumpkin patches
/undo:  Полезная команда, если вы что-то не так сделали. Отменяет предыдущую команду
/redo: Redoes the last action (from history)
clearhistory: Clear your history
unstuck: Escape from being stuck inside a block
ascend: Go up a floor
descend: Go down a floor

ceil: Go to the celing
thru: Passthrough walls
jumpto: Teleport to a location
up: Go upwards some distance
/replase: Replace all blocks in the selection with another
/stack: Repeat the contents of the selection
/set: Заполняет выбранным блоком, выбранную територию
/overlay: Set a block on top of blocks in the region
/walls: Build the four sides of the selection — Создает стену на выбранном участке

/faces: Build the walls, ceiling, and roof of a selection
/smooth: Smooth the elevation in the selection
/move: Move the contents of the selections
/regen: Regenerates the contents of the selection
/count: Counts the number of a certain type of block
/size: Get information about the selection
/shift: Shift the selection area

/chunk: Set the selection to your current chunk
/expand: Expand the selection area
/contract: Contract the selection area
/pos1: Точка 1
/pos2: Точка 2
/hpos1: Set position 1 to targeted block
/hpos2: Set position 2 to targeted block
/wand: Get the wand object
toggleeditwand: Togle functionality of the edit wand

/outset: Outset the selection area
/inset: Inset the selection area
/distr: Get the distribution of blocks in the selection
/sel: Choose a region selector
snapshot: Snapshot commands
restore: Restore the selection from a snapshot
size: Set the brush size
mask: Set the brush mask
//: Делает вашу кирку супер пупер дупер мошной
superpickaxe: Тоже самое
tool: Select a tool to bind
mat: Set the brush material
info: Block information tool
none: Turn off all superpickaxe alternate modes
tree: Tree generator tool — Сгенерировать дерево
cycler: Block data cycler tool
brush: Brush tool

deltree: floating tree remover tool
remove: Remove all entites of type
/fill: Fill a hole
/fillr: Fill a hole recursively
/drain: Drain a pool
fixlava: Fix lava to be stationary
fixwater: Fix water to be stationary
removeabove: Remove blocks above your head.
removebelow: Remove blocks below your head.

removenear: Remove blocks near you.
replacenear: Replace nearby blocks
snow: Simulates snow
thaw: Thaws the area
ex: Extinguish nearby fire
butcher: Kill all or nearby mobs
stopfire: Halts all fire spread until is disabled or the server is restarted
allowfire: Re-enables fire spread if he has been disabled with /stopfire
halt-activity: Attempts to stop all intensive operators (toggle)

god: Enable god mode — Бог
ungod: Disable god mode — Офф Бог
heal: Heal yourself or another — 3ий раз уже =\. Вылечить игрока
slay: Spay yourself or another
stack: Stacks items in the player's inventory

locate: Set your compass towards a person
worldguard: WorldGuard commands
repeat: Repeat the last command

alias: Create an alias
delalias: Remove an alias
reloadaliases: Reloads aliases
viewalias: View all user defined aliases
vanish: Toggles your visibility nopickup
fakequit: Fakes your leaving of the server
fakejoin: Fakes your joining of the server
npc: Performs various NPC-related commands

basic: Basic NPC help menu.
blacksmith: Performs various Blacksmish NPC-related commands.
trader: Performs various Trader NPC-related commands.
healer: Performs various Healer NPC-related commands.
wizard: Performs various wizard NPC-related commands.
quests: Performs player-quest related commands.
quester: Performs various uester NPC-related commands.
toggle: Toggles between various NPC states

citizens: Performs Citizens-related commands.
waypoint: Modifies waypoints.

Источник: http://forum.vkurske.org/index.php?topic=1367.0

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону

Как сделать тп к своему региону